Crisis in Britannia Game Roles

Tribal Teams


Roman Teams

Atrebates A strong tribe with generally anti-Roman sentiments.  They don't like the Catuvellauti. Emperor Claudius and his Imperial staff Leading the campaign and running an Empire from his tent.
Brigantes An association of northern minor tribes led by the strong Queen Cartimandua Legionary Command team Organising operations for the Legion
Regni An enemy of the Catuvellaui with many trade links with Gaul. Roman Traders Liaison and intelligence gathering with the British tribes.
Catuvellauni Probably the most powerful tribe in Britain - recent conqueror of the Trinovantes.
Coritani A generally affable northern tribe, with few enemies.
Dobunni A tribe ruled jointly by two kings is well known for its trading links.
Durotriges A strong tribe with many hill forts.  Has good links with Gaul.
Iceni A dual-Kingship at present.  Not very friendly to the Romans.
High Druids Small team that co-ordinates the activities of the Druidim throughout Albion

The Belgae, Carvetii, Cornovii, Deceangli, Demetae, Dumnonii and Ordivices, Parisi and Silures are not run by players, unless sufficient players join the game.

See where they all are - look at the tribal map.