Crisis in Britannia - Report and Images of the day

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Atrebates Loud and Proud.

The Atrebates - one of the more powerful tribes - potentially a rival to the Catuvellauni, this tribe was characterised by the loudness of its debates and the sagacity of its Druid.

During the crisis, the strain of internal divisions and the pressure of a huge Roman Army in the neighbouring tribal lands of the Regni caused this tribe to very nearly disintegrate, despite valiant efforts of the King.

The Mighty Catuvellauni.

The Catuvellauni were both distrusted for their ambitions to become Top Tribe in Britain and respected for their extreme Celticness and being hard to beat in a fight.

Here their mysterious Druid is advising the council on what the Runes have foretold for them.

Catuvellauni in Crisis

The Cautvellauni often struggled to ensure that other tribes joined them in their crusade against Roman invasion.

Their friendly rivalry with the Queen of the Iceni often meant divided leadership for the British tribes making coordinated action against the Romans rare.

Crisis in Britannia.

A view of the main hall with the Regni, Atrebates and Durotriges in view.

This is at about the time, in early summer, where the first Roman forces arrived in Britain.

The Dobunni

Great traditionalists. This distant tribe spent most of their year fighting among themselves.

Meaning that when the warband was finally raised, their chiefs were the most wounded even before the battle started. Much heroism and martial prowess is the watchword of the Dobunni.

The Regni

Regarding themselves as a thoroughly modern and civilised Celtic Tribe - embracing all the benefits that Roman culture can offer and having very good relations with the traders and emissaries from across the water.

For some reason this made them unpopular with a number of less progressive tribes (i.e. everybody else).

The Roman Invasion.

General Vespasion (in red) leading the spearhead ashore in Regni territory.

The Romans are, apparently, welcomed with open arms by this tribe - much to the disgust of their neighbours.

The Glory That Is Rome. WHile the tribes struggle with one another, Emperor Claudius (left) is in ebullient mood with his staff and advisors.

He was soon to leave the comforts of Rome for the arduous campaign in the wild northern land of Britainnia.


A rather patchy panoramic of the tribal area of Britain in the main hall.

Each table has a section of the map showing the tribal areas, and the chief and druid sit around the table debating their next moves.
In the far left corner of the hall, the shadowy glades of the Druid Headquarters are screened off from mortal view.
In the foreground two Roman Traders gleefully consider their profits.