Archive of Games We have Played
Date & Time Games played
Sunday 4 March 2018

Cyber Security Game - playtesting a prototype [unclassified] cyber card game developed for DSTL. For IPR reasons this will be a closed subsession - 'Data'
A Very British Coup megagame test session - Jim

Sunday 4 February 2018

The 1814 Game - Peter M
Bad King John - Crusading and such - Richard

Sunday 7 January 2018

RCAT (Rapid Campaign Analysis Tool) - Special Guests: Jeremy Smith (Cranfield) and Graham Longley-Brown (LBS) with their MoD-validated professional wargame system - looking at the Iraq campaign. A unique opportunity to see how wargaming is done in a professional context.
A Little Bit or Bread & No Cheese - an everyday story of country folk - Nick
Russian Civil War riverine combat - Bernie

Sunday 3 December 2017

Crisis 1937 - Brian
Hiding from the Bastard: asymmetric warfare following Hastings - Andrew H

Sunday 5 November 2017

Iranian War Council 1981 - Ben
Hands of the Many- Pelopennesian War - Andy H

Sunday 1 October 2017

Workshop to share understanding about Graphics for games (Inkscape, Corel Draw, Gimp and anything else people bring) - Dave B
A Little Bit of Bread and Cheese -The game recreates the struggles of a medieval village to work together, to farm together, and to raise their families. It is a game about survival. - Nick
How to get rid of a tyrant in a big hat without really dying [2] - The Campaign in France 1814 - Peter M
NetForce Rising - an exploration of networked warfare in the near future. Can distributed decision making actually work in an operational context? (See 'New Model Army' by Adam Roberts) - Jim
Nice to See You ... To See You ... How would you design a Generation Game? - Pickles
An Iran-Iraq Cornucopia - playtesting game designs for three megegame sub-games from Undeniable Victory- Ben

Saturday 30 September 2017

An Uncivil War - Making the background to the AVBCW situation more credible - Brian Cameron
Once more, with feeling - The Balkan Wars 1912-13 - Peter M
Megagame Control - A Rough Workshop - designed to share and develop control experience and skills for both for beginners and relative newcomers to the Control malarkey - Jim
Experimenting With Troop Quality - using megagame style rapid combat resolution - James
Critical Nationional Infrastructure - game design session - Jim

Sunday 3 Sept 2017

The Bastard Comes - Andrew H
Blood and Thunder! - pirate RPG tryout Jim
Totally Unlicensed F*ll*ut Game (TUF) - Pickles

Sunday 6 August 2017

Planning a Crusade - John R
Undeniable Victory tryout - political infighting in the Iran-Iraq War - Ben M
Megagame Mechanisms Discussion Group - Tom and Jon Parry
Medieval Farming game - a game of farming for medieval peasants - Nick L
Introducing Inkscape Workshop - Dave B

Sunday 2 July 2017

Agincourt Game - Brian
Caen battles - Simon C

Sunday 4 June 2017 "At the Gates" - the sack of Gaul 407 ad - Tom H
A Bunch of Fivers - Rob C
a hostage rescue, 1975 - Mukul

Exterminator War - Jim
Sunday 7 May 2017

Singapore 1915 - John B
Hands of the Many - the Pelopenesian War - Bruce W and Andy H <

Sun 2 April 2017 Tokugawa Yusei - the struggle to hold the shogunate - Andre S
Cows & Copper - Mexican Revolution revisited - Pickles
Khalsar-Ji! - 1st Sikh War - Pete Merritt
Weird War II - Brian
Sat 1 April 2017 Paris Commune - Jaap
More Freedom for Ur - stuggle in a fantasy city - Marc et al
The Great Kalinin Race - Mukul returns to the Eastern Front with a famous battle near Moskva that nobody has heard of. - Mukul
Starship Marine - Jim
Sunday 5 March 2017 Russian Civil War - Bernie
Hands of the Many - the Pelopenesian War - Bruce W and Andy H
Pacific Rim - alien breeding game - Trevor
Sunday 5 February 2017

Cuba Libre - John B
Organisational Nightmare - John B

Sunday 1 January 2017

National Awakening - Indonesia and the Dutch - Jaap
"Wonderful Things" - megagame sub-game design session - Jim

Sunday 2 October 2016

Russian Revolution - Bernie

The Paris Commune - Jaap

Blood on the Bund 3 - Dave B

Crisis in Elysium 2 - more trials on Mars - Alex

Khalsar-Ji! - 1st Sikh War - Pete Merritt

Secret Hitler - James

Saturday 1 October 2016

Mexican Revoluion 1913 - Pickles
Adlerangriff- the air assault on Great Britain 1940 - game design concept testing session - Jim
Barricades & Borders- Brian
The Freedom of Urr - Marc, Marleen, Marcel & Andre

Sunday 4 Sept 2016

The Bromley Conference - Linguistic senanigans by Darren
Alma Matters - Academics cooperating and being nice to each other - Jaap

Sunday 7 August 2016

Transylvania: the megagame tryout - Ben W
English Civil Peace - Brian

Sunday 5 June 2016

Peloponnesian War megagame design - particularly the political bits - Bruce W and Andy H
Kazhdyy Gorod - Matrix game by Tom M
Not Over Before Christmas - quick run of the megagame combat system - Rob
Shrinking the Haystack - Nick
ED Megagame tryout - Becky

Sunday 1 May 2016

Spanish Road : Dutch Map - Ben M
War to End Wars WW1 strateigc game design session - Jon
Crisis in Elysium tryout - Alex

Sunday 3 April 2016

RAP Medical game - John R
Empire Strikes Back - USA in May 1975 design session - Mukul
City of Ur design session - Marc
Political game design session - Dave B
Barricades & Borders - Brian
2020 - Operation Flying Circus : Military operations in the near future - Jim
Tank Curling - clockwork tanks forwards! - Jim

Saturday 2 April 2016

Blood on the Bund 2 - Dave
Urban Nightmare: State Of Chaos tryout game - Jim

Sunday 6 March 2016

The Last Emperors - Constantinople has fallen. Political military game on the last Byzantine Emperors, makes Game of Thrones look like Hector's House - John B
End of Days - design session on the fall of the Roman Empire megagamet by Tom H
Spanish Road tryout - Ben
Megagame Design Session - Alex B

Sunday 3 January 2016

Blood on the Bund - Dave
Paris Commune - Jaap
Megagame design session - Becky
2020 - Operation Aladdin : Military operations in the near future - Jim

Sunday 1 November

Mutiny On The Rhine - This is a game to mark the 2000th anniversary of the mutiny by the Rhine legions after the death of Augustus. Ugly scenes featuring sadistic centurions and revolting legionaries - John B
HOSPEX- the Military field hospital simulator - Col David Vassallo

Sunday 4 October

Four Goliaths vs David (1672) - Jaap
The Computer is Our Friend - Marc
Inside a Blind Pig - Pickles
1866 and all this - discussion session on non-played countries in the 1866 megagame - Bernie

Saturday 3 October

Academics - Jaap
Highlander 1689 - James
The Spanish Road - megagame tryout - Ben
Blood & Thunder - half-baked design session - Jim

Sunday 6 Sept 2015

Winter Is Coming - Leningrad and craziness - Mukul
The Great Crossing - Jim
VBCW Politics - Megagame design discussion - Paul
Everybody Dies ... In Combat - Megagame design discussion about combat systems - Becky
Massed Air Combat over the IGB - Rob C

Sunday 2 August 2015

"A Fire So Close..." Epic galley warfare in the med. By David Bradbury from the Holborn Group
Come To A King tryout - Andy H
Find the Virgin - a game of personal sacrifice to the Gods of Megagames - Jim

Sunday 5 July 2015

Blitz! - WW2 Firefighting - Jim
1983 Defcon Three design session - John R

Sunday 7 June 2015

"A Little Bit of Bread and Cheese" - complex model of medieval farming communities - Nick
Kings Landing - The King's Henchmen - Becky

Sunday 3 May 2015

Cyber War ... what is it good for? - Jim
Wasteland & Subjugation - Chrissy
Guelphs and Ghibellines - Jaap

Sunday 5 Aril 2015

Megagame of Big Chairs (and not Thrones, no, no way)- development session - Becky
Come to A King tryout - Andy

Saturday 4 April 2015

Five minutes of political courage - really really simple political game by Jaap
Far Far Away - a role playing game of exploration in deep space - Jim
A Very Rough Game - by Chrissy

Sunday 1 March 2015 Artemis Starship Simulator - Dave
Sunday 1 February 2015 Gun Group - tactical action in an urban environment - Jim
Sunday 4 January 2015 Guelfs and Ghibellines - Jaap
Oman 1950 - Ben
Sunday 7 December 2014 Dewa Prefecture - a game of Samurai planning and campaigning - Jim
Sunday 2 November 2014

"Hey Dey Got A Band!" - 1930s city crime game tryout - Brian and Jim
Operation Charging Rhino - near future fantasy game about armed rebellion, alliance warfare and the laws of war in the context of a sprawling megacity - Jim

Sunday 5 Oct 2014

War of Spanish Succession - Marc
Rampjaar (Year of Disaster) - Jaap
Lamin War - Rob C and John B
Little Navies - John R

Saturday 4 Oct 2014

Peloponnesian War - Andy H
Cruiser Krieg - John S
Into The Matrix - Cyber warfare design session - Jim

Sunday 7 September 2014

Funeral Games - Rob
In Town to Do Some Business ... - Brian

Sunday 3 August 2014

Come To A King - Andy H
Iron Dice - Jon C

Sunday 6 July 2014

Return of the King - John S
The Day After - The Aftermath of the Washington Conference - Dave and Brian
Feel The Rush - Trials and tribulations on the trail West - a classic from Mukul

Sunday 1 June 2014

IRON DICE - megagame test session - Jon C
"Harlequin's Invasion", an unedifying episode of C18 British adventurism, complete with heaving sailors - John B

Sunday 4 May 2014

Spy Vs Spy - blatent rip-off of a kid's game reengineered into a Cold War setting - Jim
The Empire Stands Back - Development session on a possible 'what if?' game about Britains's options if it had't gone to war in 1914 - Brian
FMBT 1978 - Anglo-German negotiations for a future main battle tank to defend the West against the Soviet Hordes - Jim

Sunday 6 April 2014

"Come To a King: Return of the King?" 1014, AEthelred and his family are in exile in Normandy. Will they get the throne back? - Andrew H
Liberating Assault - Dave B

Saturday 5 April 2014

Watch the Skies Tryout - Jim
Harper's Ferry RPG - Dave B

Sunday 2 February

Cold War Espionage - Justin
The Flamanda Manoever- More WW1 shenanigans - Mukul
A Very British Communique - more VBCW - what does Mosley's 1939 cabinet do faced with a veiled ultimatum from the USA? - John S
Iron Dice Test session - Jon C

Sunday 5 Janury 2014

1672 Year of Disaster - Jaap
Very British Coup 1936 - Brian

Sunday 1 December 2013

Panzer Pushers - A game involving tiny tanks and blowing stuff up - Jim
Weird War II - Brian

Sunday 3 November 2013

We need to Discuss Britain - US Senate Select Committee for Foreign Affairs in Apr 1939 discuss what to do now that the British Empire under Premier Mosley has broken the trade embargo on the sale of tin, rubber and oil to Japan. - A VBCW scenario by John S
Come To a King, 1015 Tryout - Andrew H

Game Design Weekend 5/6 Ocotber 2013

A Don Featherstone Wargame - A memorial game of one of the early wargames from Don Featherstone's book War Ganes, and a discussion of how this might look if it were done today. Jim and Brian
Anglo-Dutch Wars - Discussion on simulating the problems of a divided country beset by enemies on all sides. Jaap
Renaissance Italy - Discussion on how to simulate the internal problems and tension in Itlaisna city states Jaap
A Very British Coup 1936 - Discussion on developing a committee game on the abdication crisis of 1936 and whether it might have gone very differently. Brian
Ultimate Cobra Crisis - Crisis committee game. JIm
WWI Tunnelling - Experimental game on tunnelling in WW1 involving some serious phsyical effort! John S
Come To a King, 1015 - Discussion about a next steps development of the 11th century megagame - Andrew H

Sunday 8 September 2013 Little Garden Wars - an old school game to celebrate the 100th anniversary of Little Wars
Sunday 1 September 2013

Hemlock and Democracy - The end of the Peloponnesian war: Athens lies defeated. A game of the restoration of democracy, featuring philosophers, mystery cults and class war. - John B

Henchmen - wartime decision-making around a chaotic dictator - Jim

Sunday 4 August 2013

BLITZ : Firefighting in London 1940 - Jim

DEFCON? - The usual nuclear shenanigans by Rob

Sunday 7 July 2013

Parthia In Crisis - Richard
1914 East Front tryout - Mukul

Sunday 2 June 2013

Croydon Air Bridge - can Prime Minister Mosely guarantee the supply route from Croydon to Westminster. A Very British Civil War scenario. - John S
Drama Never Surpassed - ideas about how to handle a 1914 opening blows in the east game - Mukul
Corporate Strategy Board Meeting - committee game where a multinational corporation in possession of a radical new technology decides how it can leverage its advantage in a highly competitive commercial environment. - Jim

Sunday 7 April 2013 (Games weekend)

Vietasia 1965 - A political crisis game - Jim
Simple Fantasy Role-play System - Dave B

Saturday 6 April 2013 (Games Weekend)

Summit At Gorilla - Universe - themed treaty negotiations and post-war recriminations - Jim
Cyber Warfare - Nick
Tank Duel - Jim
A Slight Disturbance - Some camp disorder in Etaples Sept 1917 - John S

Sunday 3 March 2013

Versailles 1919 - Brian
Champions de Tournoi - A knight's tale - John S

Sunday 3 February 2013

Operation Oak - "The Hunt for Benito" - Rob
ENDGAME : megagame playtest of the campaign in Tunisia 1943 - Jim

Sunday 6 January 2013 The Campaign of 1813 - Brian and Jim
Sunday 9 Decemeber 2012 WAR IN HELL - A special festive edition of the infamous fantasy game of ultimate conflict between 'good' and 'evil' - Jim
Colonial Whist - John S
Sunday 4 November 2012

Feet in the Fire - crisis in 1950s Indonesia - John B
Crech Rig - The Raid of the King, a Committee game about Scotland in 1014 - Andrew H

Sunday 7 Oct 2012 1812 - test session - Brian and Dave
Versailles 1919 design discussion (quite a bit of politics in this one...) - Brian
Crisis in Croydon - Very British Civil War Committee Game - John S
War In The East - Design session on an Eastern Front 1914 megagame- Mukul
Saturday 6 Oct 2012 Prelude to Armageddon - Balkan Wars design session- Peter
Urban Nightmare - playtest of the new 'combat' system - Jim
1014 - Come To A King -
Design session on an England 1014 megagame - Andrew H
Sunday 2 Sept 2012

Battle of El Alamein - megagame system tryout covering 7th Division's assault through the minefields. - Rob
Festung Alderney - a game of using unlimited resources to fortify a tiny insignifcant island.- Jim

Sunday 5 August 2012 Barricades and Borders - Brian
Sunday 1 July 2012

Air Wars - Jet fighter combat in the 1960s and 70s - Jim
Silver, settlement, shrines and the sea - la longue durée in the Ancient Western Med. 200+ years of trade, colonisation, warfare and culture in the Western Med Andrew H

Sunday 3 June 2012 De Mortuis Resurrexerit - Military role playing in ancient Rome, set in a distant outpost in a remote hill village - Jim
Sunday 6 May 2012

True Glory - Elisabethan crisis planning - John Bassett
Battle of Lepanto - Religious war..with galleys! Martin and Steve

Sunday 1 April 2012 (Games Weekend)

Clash of Titans Megagame discussion - Marc and Jurrien
Battle of Dombas - battle for the critical railway junction in central Norway April 1940 - Daniel
Seastrike - a blast from the past - Brian

Saturday 31 March 2012 (Games Weekend)

UNIVERSAL SUMMIT MEETING - Interstellar Great power politics committee game - Jim
War in 1812 - the important one in America - Brian
Unheroic Samurai - the struggle of valiant samurai against the Undead - Jim
Battle of Jutland - game system try-out - Brian, Dave and Mukul

Sunday 4 March 2012

El Alamein - tryout WW2 operational map game - Rob
Planet of Mystery - Role playing power politics, aliens and archeology - Jim

Sunday 5 February 2012 Little Wars - Indoors (not as nice as a summer garden game, what with snow outside, but fun nevertheless) The combined Freedonian, Ruritanian forces assault a Dutchy of Glevum supply base - Jim
Sunday 1 January 2012

Zulu Lunchtime - man to man skirmishing in the Zulu war using 25mm figures (2 games) - Jim
Assault on the Bosrovian Bunker - a game of matchsticks and toy soldiers - Jim

Saturday 17 December 2011 Lambs on the Track - game of the fight at Harpers' Ferry - Dave B
Sunday 6 November 2011

"In The Country of the Blind" - an unusual role playing game where the players play themselves - Peter
Battle of Narvick - development of the game system following discussions at the Design Weekend in October - Daniel

Saturday 1 / Sunday 2 October 2011 Autumn Game Design Conference:
Development of 1814 and all that - Peter M
Civil Disorder, workshop session on modelling riots, and ideas for changes to the Civil Disorder wargame rrules - Jim W
The Other side of the COIN - simulating the problems of Afghan farming communities - revised game systems tested and discussed - James K
'Biplanes over Baghdad' - the action around RAF Habbaniya, Iraq 1941 - Rob
Battle of Dombass - Dombaas is a key rail junction in the centre of Norway. Inevitably it was a strategic target for all sides. The Germans expected to get there by land. The Norwegians were going to hold it at all costs. The English 148th Brigade was given this point as their objective. Then the German high command gets impatient and sends in the paratroops. - Daniel
'Control' - a seminar discussion on umpiring skills and what might make a good, and an excellent umpire - Jim
'Toe to Toe With the Ruskies' - Rob
With the Tramp of Trooping Horses & the Laugh of Reckless Men - playtest of the combat system to be used in a forthcoming mini-campaign - GIles
'After the Conference': Designing an email campaign to follow up on the Washington Conference megagame - Dave B
'Forage For Tea' - not an after-dinner game but a lighthearted 'during lunch' game, about foraging in the peninsular war - written by Graham Hockley
Sunday 4 September 2011 1814 and All That - Can the Marshalls successfully jockey for a safe post-Napoleon life, or will big N win after all? - Peter
The shortest way of ending the war? - Can an athenian naval expedition to Sicily shorten the epic conflict with Sparta ? - Andrew H

Top Rank - Crisis planning and religious conflict in Mecca 1979 - Rob C

Sunday 14 August 2011 Summer Special : Little Garden Wars - Outdoors 54mm toy soldier action in HGW style! Straw Boaters and Pimms anyone? - Jim
Sunday 7 August 2011 Cold Feet - an invesigation of a mysterious ice floe during cold war tension. Will Skyhook work? - John B
La Fellissima Armada - can the English captains harry the spanish fleet, and turn a profit? - Jim W
Sunday 3 July 2011 China Crisis - Time travel meets Victorian geopolitics - Richard
Sunday 6 March 2011 Over the Hills and Far Away, 18th Century Colonel's campaign - Jim
Sunday 2 January 2011 Over the Hills and Far Away, 18th Century Colonel's campaign - Jim
Sunday 7 November 2010 Over the Hills and Far Away, 18th Century Colonel's campaign - Jim
Sunday 6 June 2010 D-Day game
3-4 April 2010 Of Gods & Men megagame tryout - Bruce / Paul
Sunday 7 February 2010

Napoleonic Map game - Brian / Jim
De Bellus Gallica - Marc

Sunday 6 September 2009 Battle for Narvik - Daniel
Weekend 4-5 April 2009

WW1 Design Session - Mukul
Master of Europe
Map system playtest - Brian
French & Indian Wars
WW1 Trench Assault - Jim

Sunday 1 March 2009 Barricades & Borders - Brian
Sunday 1 February 2009 Weird & Brilliant Devilry - the developed version of Jim's London Blitz operations game. It is now possible to actually extinguish fires! - Jim
Sunday 4 January 2009 Sinews of the Somme - WW1 logistics game involving railways, horses and trucks - Jim
Sunday 2 November 2008 Come One Come Eorl - Andrew H
Delta Blue - a Game about the Oil Industry in Nigeria as its the 50th anniversay of Nigerian Crude Oil arriving in England- Mukul
Sunday 7 September 2008 Barricades & Borders - Brian
Starship Strike - first playtest of a fast play space battle game based on the classic Sea Strike - Jim
Sunday 1 September 2007 Rhienubung - The hunt for the Bismark - Dave
Sunday 5 August 2007 Crossing The Wire - WW1 tactical action 1916 - Jim
Sunday 3 December 2006 STONK - WW2 brigade level operations - Jim
Sunday 8 January 2006 Pirates of Yendor - megagame test session - Jim
Sunday 7 August 2005 The Last War - megagame tryout session - JIm
Sunday 3 July 2005 The Last War - megagame design session - JIm
Sunday 6 March 2005

Come One Come Eorl - return of Andrew's award-winning game.
Bump in the Night - 1905 Naval game - Mukul

Sunday 9 January 2005

Crouching Hero, Hidden Daggers - Fantasy Action Game - Jim
Silmarillion - Trevor / Andrew
Hot Blood & Cold Steel - playtest, James

Sunday 7 November 2004

Napoleonic Army Game - Arthur
ECW or WWI Design Session - James
'Hitler's Henchmen' design test - John

Saturday 6 November 2004 Battle of Mortain 1944 On-Line Map Game run in several separate locations using MSN and email - Jim
Sunday 5 September 2004 Civil Disorder - rioting on city streets figure game, by Jim
Sunday 8 August 2004 Falaise Gap - WW2 operational map game by Mukul
Sunday 4 July 2004 Air Wars - jet fighter combat over Vietnam, by Jim
Come One Come Eorl - Andrew Hadley
Sunday 5 August 2001 Park Game in Richmond Park
1 March 1998 XMG - An SF counterinsurgency game - Jim
1 June 1997 Beginning of the End Megagame tryout game - JIm
Sunday 2 April 1995 Thirty Years War
Sunday 5 March 1995 Nuclear War Game
Sunday 5 February 1995

Lords of the Altlas - Andy
American War of Independence - Brian