The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  
Rumours of Vast Evil Horde

Traders and wanderers passing through Yendor have been reporting that the Evil Dark Lord Abranoth of Grinch is assembling a vast army in his mountainous lair in the far North. Great tribes of barbarians have been flocking to his banner in response to promises of great wealth and power. More worrying are the rumours of huge Orc battlegroups - thousands of evil inhuman killer - also assembling. Together with his cabal of twisted mages, and his loyal following of ruthless Dark Knights and their corrupted followers.

Such an army can only mean bad things for the civilised kingdoms of the world. Worse, the word is that the glittering City of Yendor is to be the main objective of the ravening horde. This is a thought too awful to contemplate - yet the King, in his wisdom, is summoning his advisors - the great and good of the Kingdom to urgent council. What can be done? Not enough to fight off the corsair menace last year - that this should happen is a sad blow to this great city.

Even now, the Lords of Yendor summoning their feudal levies and stockpiling food and arms - what will become of the city?


© Jim Wallman 2007