The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  
Dark Lord's Horde Growing

Amid growing apprehension in Yendor, more news in coming in on the vast army being formed by the Dark Lord Abranoth. As barbarian tribes from the far desert lands arrive, they reportedly bring with them a huge fearsome beast of horrifying aspect. More frightening news is a large army of evil dwarves has joined the dark lord. Local Yendorian dwarves dismiss the claim as 'scaremongering' - but many citizens report a much increased output of arms and armour from the dwarvish workshops of Yendor.

The foul Orcs of the Dark Lord are growing in number too, and this is proving worrisome for the city's own 'Free Folk' community. Doubt remains in the minds of many citizens as to whether any of the Yendorian 'free folk' will defend the city or defect to join their more uncivilised fellow orcs in the Dark Lord's Army.

Meanwhile, the King has Decreed that Yendor will be defended, and has tasked many of the Lords of Yendor with the task of repairing the walls and gates and putting the city in a fit state for defence.

It is even rumoured that the King's General conducted a 'Game of Warre' to simulate the effects of an attack on the city using many thousands of carefully sculptured tiny wooden mannequins. The results are a closely guarded secret and it has been strenuously denied that the city 'fell' on turn two of the game.


© Jim Wallman 2007