The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  
More News of the Threat

Traders and adventurers travelling from the perilous lands of the north are bringing yet more tales of the Dark Lord and his ghastly minions.

Further Barbarian tribes have flocked to his unholy banner. Word is that the fearsome Mountain tribesmen of Gath have left their towering mountain ranges to join him. These warriors are incredible climbers, said to be able to climb the sheer face of a glacier without the aid of rope or ladder. They have brought with them a huge ogre of gruesome aspect.

In addition to that the dark Tower of the evil wizard Abraxus has been reported to be pulsating with strange light, and foul vapours have been emanating from within. Rumour has it that this evil mage has been concocting ever more terrifying spells that will be cast to aid the forces of darkness.

A spokesman for the Wizdome said "'s all very well - I mean new spells and all - but were they submitted for Peer Review? I mean has he submitted his methodology? This is just amateurish dabbling and will come to no good mark my words. We were right to send him down, young Abaxus will never amount to a first-class mage."


© Jim Wallman 2007