Corsairs assemble for the first encounter, forming an impressive battle line.
The corsair battle line in more detail

The very first ram of the day.

Sadly it was a Corsair on Corsair Incident.

Because of the realistic communications difficulties between ships mistakes like this were common to both sides.

The main hall in action. Ship commanders were alternated between corsair and yendorian ship round the hall, so that they could not chat as if on a radio, to each other.

There were some 50 players involved here.

More rams in the first Encounter. The Corsairs hit each other as the fearsome Orc ships bear down on them in the background.
In fact the Corsairs, having more ships and not much searoom, seems to make a habit of hitting each other. Here the three members of the same SeaClan simultaneously ram each other.
The two fleets are starting to mix it.
The fleets engaging more closely. The Yendorians were outnumbered, but had larger and heavier ships.
The Umpire Control team at work. Players were not allowed to move their own models, instead a team of dedicated umpires followed orders displayed on the players' tables and resolved rams etc.
The corsairs attacking for the second Encounter. This time they are more spread out, and have far less touble with accidental ramming. In the centre you can see an island an sandbanks.
The improved Yendorian Fleet arrayed for combat in the second Encounter. At the back are the feared Mage and Dwarf ships. Leading is a light transport ship with troops and a portable fort for assembly on the island.
the Yendorian Admiral's (player's) view of the Second encounter, as the two fleet close.

It wasn;t long before the two fleets get stuck in around the island. In this battle the Lord High Admiral actually took part in the lead ship.

'Red Sonya' the former Barbarian and Lord High Admiral of Yendor has been itching for combat all day. She got her wish - later fighting off three corsair boarding parties simultaneously.
The island became a real folcal point for conflict in the second Encounter. The Corsairs wanted a place to insall a depot for future operations. the Yendorians wanted to occupy it 'because it was there'. In this picture the corsairs have landed some fighters.
the Yendorian Admiral's (player's) view of the Second encounter, as the two fleet close.
The view from the quarterdeck of HMS Heroic as it enters the battlefield.
Following the fearsome Orc ships into battle. Though not naturally seafarers, these crews fought with considerable ferocity.
A view of the final stages of the combat. The big Yendorian ships are starting to make headway.