AFTER ACTION REPORT 04 : A report by Andrew Hadley

Elf Report from 'Pirates of Yendor'

I wish to offer my congratulations to Red Sonja and the Yendorian fleet for their brave action against the Corsairs. The humans were outnumbered by their enemies, and were aided little by the incompetence and sabotage committed by their so-called allies, the Dwarves and Orcs.

Despite this difficult position, the true Yendorians showed extraordinary bravery and overcame the enormous odds which they faced, sinking and capturing a significant portion of the pirate fleet and slaughtering many of the pirate scum. I wish to offer my thanks to the Yendorians for assisting the Elf ship in the two naval battles - both by helping with repairs (only necessary because of the 'accident' inflicted by the Dwarves) and by coming to our aid when surrounded by an entire SeaClan of Corsairs.
As for the Elf role in the battle, we demonstrated the frightening accuracy and effectiveness of our archery throughout the encounters, killing several ship loads of Corsairs. Our role in the first encounter was gravely hampered by the incompetent (to the point of treachery) Dwarves who crashed into our vessel, causing serious damage. Despite this betrayal, our ship continued to offer support to the Dwarves in their boarding actions against the Corsairs (Elves do not desert or attack their allies!).

The second battle was a far better demonstration of Elf effectiveness. The Glammarion sank two Corsair vessels and butchered dozens of Corsairs with deadly hails of arrows. Towards the end of the battle an entire SeaClan of 6 ships attempted to take on and capture the Glammarion, but the Elves fought so furiously that the Corsairs were defeated. What heroism!

Thanks to the sacrifices of Elf and Human, Yendor was saved from the Corsairs. The Orc actions on the left flank were suspiciously unsuccessful against the Corsairs (despite the vast numbers of the foul creatures). The suspicious-minded might allege that this was no coincidence.

I have recommended that Red Sonja be commended by my superiors for her excellent judgement and heroic stand against the Corsairs - at some substantial personal risk to herself!