AFTER ACTION REPORT 05 : A report by John Powney

Report of the attack on Yendor by Captain Yasir bin Hassan al Maktoum ibn Massoud, Master of the Vessel 'Killigrew' of the Shark clan of the People of the Eastern Ocean.
Made to the Shark Clan Elders during the 7th day of 8th month of the year of the Swordfish.

Oh my fathers, may you live forever; know that in accordance with your wishes, as decided at the great Council of the Clans of the first month of the year of the Swordfish, I led 3 of our ships; mine own, the Killigrew, the Nabis and the Maggot, as our part of the attack by our people on the land city of Yendor. As had been decided we met our brethren from the other selected clans at the Nine Needles and then moved on to attack the city, for the glory of the peoples of the Eastern Ocean, so that we might know and test the strength of the people of this City of the land. In accordance with the plans made at the Council, we did not advance in our usual fashion, with cunning and speed, but as a fleet, so that the city dwellers, seeing us, might be afraid and send forth their full might to meet us and we therefore might see the manner of their warfare and what skills and cunning artifices they might possess. And I believe that in this we were successful, for in the first combat we drew them out and fought them until we decided that we had seen enough and then departed the fight, feigning panic and disorder. The enemy, believing that he had bested us, and becoming confident, then put forth his full power for the next test, which was harder fought and cost us dearly in ships and men.

From these two battles, the second of which I barely escaped with my life (by the grace of the gods the jellyfish, tho' their stings were great, shielded me from the vision of mine enemies) we discovered that the enemy places much reliance upon the great clumsy vessels of the land dwellers; of their subject peoples, only the craft of the Free Folk, as they call themselves, approached ours for speed and deftness upon the water - except for the one of the Elves, theirs was the size of the City peoples, but moved as nimbly as ours and it's crew were fierce fighters. The ship of the other subjects of the City men, the Dwarves, was a crass, ugly craft, but it's crew manned many cunning engines of war, that took a high toll of our ships and crews. Finally, there was the ship of their men of spellcraft, their Wizards school, which performed many diverse magics, though was not as fearsome as we had been warned.

In short, oh my fathers, we lost good ships and men during this expedition, but what are a handful of ships and a few lives of men, merely sea spume upon the ocean of existence, compared with the treasure of knowledge gained of our enemy, from which we may draw up our plans and strategems. And know though this, o fathers of my clan, the land folk are not our betters upon the sea, and with thought, cunning and bravery, and by the grace of our Gods, we shall prevail!