The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  


A bunch of prototype mad scientists, shunned by the magic users (and anyone else who wants to avoid the inevitable explosions and strange smells that emanate from the guild headquarters. Only they know (or care) what they get up to.

Alchemy is, however, different to the magic used by the Mages.  The Alchemists are primarily concerned with processes.  These process involve the combination of various natural and unnatural substances in differing combination, together with a process or ritual to produce an effect or another, new, substance.

There are principles to guide the Alchemists in the their search, and the Secret Lore of Alchemy, which is a distillation of many of the less lethal experiments by earlier Alchemists.


Experimentation is the order of the day - the more elaborate and grandiose the better.  Players will expect to devise these experiments and rituals, and will be informed of their success or otherwise by a dedicated Alchemy Umpire.

In addition, Alchemists will be attempting to improve their status within the Guild, either by political manoevering or by demonstration of sheer Alchemical skill.

And, like many other citizens of Yendor, they may very well have some personal business to attend to.

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