The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  
An Introduction to the City

The City of Yendor is in turmoil. Of course, the city is always in turmoil, that's how cities like Yendor function, its no reason to get too worried.

The Guilds are powerful - but no guild can gain complete control; the Mages at the University of Wisdom are powerful but aloof; ghettos of humans, trolls, dwarves, elves, even orcs (or Free Folk as they call themselves) co-exist in a sort of self-imposed apartheid system.

So long as the conflicts remain low key and personal, and the economy of the city goes mostly unhindered by either death or taxes, it all seems to work.

The city is the capital of the Kingdom of Yendor, which is middle-sized and unremarkable as these sorts of kingdoms go.

The City is the jewel in the crown of the kingdom - although perhaps is would be better described as the pawn ticket for the jewel that was once in the crown of the kingdom.

The Old King died many years ago and his heir went missing as a baby, assumed dead or at least suffering from something about to be very terminal (chronic drowning for example). The Grand Vizier stepped into the power vacuum and ruled until very recently in the name of the King.

A few months ago, as if from nowhere, a wandering Barbarian, one Martin The Swordslinger appeared in the city, and with the help of supporters (and orcs, interestingly enough) convinced the great and good of Yendor that he was, indeed, the young king, returned to take his throne.

The Grand Vizier, on seeing the new King's credentials, of course, handed over power (and kept his job as Vizier, and, fortunately, his head).

As Yendor Triumphant starts King Martin I is now taking stock of his newly regained kingdom.  The game saw him developing the City's administration and attempting to introduce some stability to the Kingdom.

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