The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

Dwarves are a species of normal-sized handsome beings. Their specialities lie in the manipulation of materials and related things such as mining.   No species matches dwarves for mining and metalworking.

Dwarves are also relatively long-lived, 400 being a reasonable old age.

The Love of Gold

Much is made of the so-called Love of Gold that is said to be exhibited by dwarves. This is in fact a slur on dwarfish civilisation.

True, gold is a material much used by our craftsmen, is much in demand as a raw material, a means of exchange and a thing of beauty in itself.

It is also true that a dwarf's social standing is almost totally defined by how much gold he has.

And gold is used as a vital component in all forms of dwarfish religious practice (the details of which are far too complicated to go into here).

But apart from that, dwarves to not have an unhealthy interest in gold. They regard a total obsessive interest in gold as being very healthy indeed. The Love of Gold is, in fact the mainstay of the Dwarfish Religion. `Prayer' consists entirely of composing and singing songs about gold. Any dwarf that actually composes a new song about gold (other than the old favourite "Gold, Gold, Gold!") might find additional Prestige coming their way.

Dwarves are important to the economy of Yendor.  They own and run many factories that make all manner of things, not just those made of gold.


Players taking on the role of Dwarf will be a city-based entrepreneur.  The dwarves run factories and will be expected to get involved in manufacturing, developing their factories, and selling the goods to merchants and others.

In addition, the dwarves will be seeking their rightful status as citizens of Yendor, and seek to extend their influence thoughout the city, and at the highest levels.

And, like everybody else, individual dwarves will have some personal business to attend to.

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