The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  


or 'Orcs' to the Uninformed

The other species of the world have often called the Free Folk, Orcs. This is another of those misunderstandings since the word orc merely means `kill' in the folk's language. Generally, FreeFolk Chiefs chant "Orc, Orc, Orc, Orc!" as they go into battle. Hence the name.

Free folk are quite common in Yendor. Attracted by the easy living, the strange customs, the wine, the ale and the gaudy colourful streets - many young Folk have traded in their traditional outdoor life and become cosmopolitan city dwellers. Well, they live in the city, anyway.

In recent times, the Folk of the City help the King to hide from his enemies and supported his claim to the throne, and as such they must be more popular now, mustn't they?

Traditionally, the Folk have a history of bloody conflict with both humans and Elves - especially with Elves.  Of course, the Free Folk in Yendor are 'civilised' and wouldn't go into a Blood Frenzy at the mere sight of an elf in the street.  Would they?

Virtually all Folk live in the Orc Quarter - a seedy ghetto with a maze of twisty little passages, all alike. Or is it a maze of little twisty passages? I forget. Anyway, this part of town if famous for being somewhere a being could get lost with no questions asked - and in this game it is a place to hide where you cannot easily be tracked down and arrested or assassinated.


Most Folk in Yendor feel they are unfairly treated most of the time.  Free Folk players will get involved in the issue of Free Folk Civil Rights.  They will also conduct business and, if possible, gain employment with other players.
Free Folk have a great respect for their traditions as well, and Free Folk player will be involved in Folk Rituals, culture and in various ways maintain the old ways.
In addition, like everyone else, Free Folk will have personal business to attend to.

Players volunteering to play Free Folk will be the sort of people who are keen on role playing wild, native peoples.  It is not necessarily a violent role (the Folk are outnumbered a bit in Yendor), but violence is a real possibility.

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