The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

The Gamblers tend to organise one of the most important entertainment activities within Yendor.  Gambling is potentially lucrative, both for the organisers or games and for the occasional punter.  TheGuild have the sole permission to organise public games of chance and uncertainty and take a dim view of amateur involvement in the field.

Generally speaking, games organised by the Guild are honest because if they aren't, nobody will join them.

If you choose to be a gambler, you will be involved in setting up gambling games involving cards or dice or whatever, and encouraging other players to spend some time taking part, in order to make money.

This isn't all though, because you will also wish to gain status within the Guild and build a reputation for success.

In addition, like most people in Yendor, you will have some personal business to attend to.

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