The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  



Vital grouping of the big businessmen of the city, who control (or is it facilitate) the major trading activities. Unlike the other guilds, however, the merchant's guild has found it impossible to control all trading activity in a place like Yendor - so they tend to concentrate on developing a monopoly in the most lucrative areas.

Merchants are a vital part of the economy of Yendor - which as well as a political centre is also a major centre of trade for the kingdom.


A merchant player will generally have a business to run.  He or she will get goods in, either from farmers outside the city, or from incoming ships to the port.  These goods will then be traded with other players in the game where the price is one that can be ngotiated, or can be placed on the 'Open Market' where the return is more random.

In addition, merchants will be seeking to maximise their status among themselves, and like many others in Yendor, will have some personal business to attend to.

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