The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

The 'Nobility' of Yendor are comprised of the oldest families.  In the past they have kept very much to themselves, but now that Yendor is a full monarchy again, they expect to be restored to their pre-eminend position as key and important people.

The Nobles usually have lands in the hinterland of Yendor, and as such are not always resident in the city.  The recreation of a royal court has encouraged a number of them to return to the city for longer periods.

The Nobles also have access to feudal troops, armed followers and retainers essential for the maintenance or order and guarding of the borderlands.  Obviously, there is no need for them to bring their troops into the city, because law and order is under complete control inside the city walls.  As least that's what it says here in the travel brochure.

Like most Nobles, their family trees are important, and demonstrate the way in which the families are linked by marriage.

Download a zipped Word 6.0 document with the Noble's Family Trees (Beurk's Peerage) approx. 40k

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