The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

And Its Occupants and Nature

The Palace of the King of Yendor is large and surprisingly well fortified, based on an original, much older, castle keep.  In the centuries since it was primarily a fortification, the site has expanded and been modernised, including such amenities as doors on the latrines, glass in many of the windows and piped water to the palace trough, making this one of the most luxurious palaces in the world.

Within its spacious perimeter wall are barracks, apartments, stables, storehouses, kitchens and great halls.  It has a large live-in population as well as many workers and servants.

Obviously, it is the King's home in Yendor, wherein he has sumptuous and richly appointed apartments. Rumours that he prefers sleeping in the hay loft in the stables have been officially denied.

In addition, the Grand Vizier has apartments here, as do a number of lesser officials, such as the King's Tax Collector.

Finally, The King's Guard have barracks in the palace.  Their role is to protect the King at all times, and patrolling and guarding the palace is what they are good at.  All in all, the Guard are a fine body of highly trained and efficient soldiery (... it says here...).  And they have very smart uniforms.

The King's Arms - the pub just outside the palace. This salubrious establishment is often frequented by the colourful members of the King's Guard


The key personnel such as the King and the Grand Vizier (in effect his Prime Minister and most senior advisor) have a complex task of governing the city, dealing with disputes, ensuring that the laws are just, or if not to make new ones.  They are assisted by a team we have called the Kings Staff.  These have to following jobs:

Tax Collector:  As suggested, this player has to ensure that all the players that should be paying city taxes are paying, and to actually collect the said taxes from the players concerned (or get the King's Guard to help).  If enthusiatic, he or she might even conduct some modest tax reforms, since the taxation system in Yendor is old and rather inconsistent.

Treasurer:  Keeping track of the King's financies.  The King has many expenses, and obviously, tedious detail like actually counting his gold is not something the King should be doing personally.  In addition, like most other players, the Treasurer will have some personal business to attend to.

Kings Guard:  Guardsmen and officers are responsible for the physical protection of His Majesty, and conducting such other tasks as assisting with tax collection, keeping order in the city, and fighting the King's enemies in time or war (or at any other time for that matter).  The Guard are most likely to develop a good working knowledge the game's combat rules.

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