The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

"Wonderful people, The Poor, have you met them?  Wonderful people.  Haven't got two kopins to rub together, but then thats because they're poor don't yeknow."
Lord Robyn of Hood (Yendorian Noble)

Actually, being poor in Yendor is no joke.  Generally the poor do all the really nasty jobs, and lie around untidily in corners dying of malnutrition.

And they are facing increasing competition for what little paid emplyment there is from the upwardly mobile Orcs ("..yeah..they come in 'ere, eat our wimmin 'an sleep wiv our food..").

One thing the poor do get to do a lot is beg.

In fact the Beggars Guild has a lot of poor members (mainly due to the Guild's membership dues).  Beggars are also a useful source of information since nobody ever actually notices a poor beggar.

In addition, poor beggars will have some personal business to attend to (like actually finding food perhaps, or attempting to stop being poor).

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