The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

Since thieving is impossible to stop, the authorities of Yendor have long since licensed it to the Guild, who have quotas of thieving and robbery which must not be exceeded. It all works out as a sort of indirect taxation, and being self-regulating means that the local police force (the Watch) don't have to be numerous or waste time trying to catch licensed thieves.

The Tea Leaf - outside the thieves guild hall. This is probably the safest place to leave something unattended in the whole of Yendor (that isn't actually saying very much). The thieves guild members like to relax after a hard day of licensed thievery, and this is where they do it.

The thieves guild will not be represented by players in this run of the Yendor game - but the inhabitants of Yendor will be able to employ members of the guild for certain 'delicate' tasks.  And also, the guild is likely to appear randomly and remove valuables from players as the game goes on.

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