The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  

A fine body of men (and women), responsible for 'keeping the peace'.

The Watch police both the City and the Game.

Their role is to ensure the night-time curfew is obeyed, and to enforce the laws of Yendor and the Edicts of the King.

They might even have to solve crimes...although that would require a certain amount of mental effort.

Players in the watch will have to be firm but fair with other players over things like the curfew and some other game rules.  They have the power to imprison wrongdoers.

They will also have to support the King and his tax collectors (not a popular job).

There is a real possibility that some crimes will be committed that need investigation to solve, so players who like solving mysteries might find this role interesting too.

The Watch had a major success in Yendor Triumphant! in tracking down the murderer of Earl Marque (although they did wrongly imprison Rodney The Alchemist for a few days before getting onto the right track).

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