The Great & Glorious City of Yendor  


And The Diverfe Nature of Mages

The WizDome - this is the popular name for the University of Wisdom's famous Dome and Four Towers of their main university building. This cannot be entered unless at the invitation of the Mages therein.

This is an academic place of study and enlightenment for Mages and potential Mages. Like similar institutions throughout the ages it is rife with status-conscious paranoid academics whose main concerns relate to their place in the university hierarchy and making the other Mages look small. Oh, yes, and they sometimes see the odd student too.

The Mages have, for many centuries, studied and researched the inner mysteries of the magical art in the UOW.  There are other eminent and illustrious universities in the world (most notable the Universal School of Wisdom at Elvenopolis, run by the Master Elves of Lore) but the UOW in Yendor is the foremost human-run seat of magical learning in the known world.

Potential Acolytes from all over the world make a pilgrimage to Yendor to attempt to gain admission.  There are only two ways of joining the university:

First, after careful vetting, only one pilgrim in a hundred is permitted to take the feared Rite Of The First Initiation.  Only one in a hundred that takes this awful Rite, survives to pass it and are allowed to become a Student Acolyte of the Low Order, and allowed to enter the University.  After a couple of decades of cleaning latrines, scrubbing walls and food tasting, a surviving SAOTLO might then, after a fantasically difficult written and oral test of brains and wit, be accepted as a Student In Ordinary, and actually be taught anything about magic.

And then there is the Assisted Places Scheme for Gifted Students With An Exceptionally Large Chest Of Gold - which is usually a little quicker easier than the first route.


If you take on the role of a Mage in the University (and virtually all the mages in the game will fit that category), then you will most likely be involved in a number of different things:

a.  A challenging puzzle-solving and researching sort of task, relating to magic.  Your involvement in magic will be more to do with its nature and philosophy than the "zap you're toast" style of thunderbolt-flinging adventuring magic.

b.  The internal politics of the university.  Place-seeking and promotion will be important to you.

c.  Negotiation and diplomacy with outsiders, in particular with the new King, and others.

So players volunteering to be Mages should be especaily keen on intellectual challenges of this sort.

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